Maddie Schneider

Maddie Schneider

Head of Marketing Relations

Maddie’s role at C&SM:

Maddie plays a crucial role in transforming high-level strategy and abstract discussions into tangible roadmaps with structured plans to achieve set goals. She is deeply involved in managing client accounts and big-picture strategy for C&SM.

Background & Education:

Maddie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communications & Marketing/PR from Cal State Fullerton where she played division 1 volleyball. Born and raised in Northern California, she moved to Kansas at the age of 10 and currently resides in downtown Kansas City, MO.

Outside of work:

Maddie is an avid foodie who loves planning travel trips around the best food places in town. In her free time, she enjoys painting, art history, playing volleyball, and hiking with her dog Kelso. She is also passionate about vintage art collecting, furniture shopping/restoration, and exploring new food places with friends. Currently, she’s building a list of top coffee spots in Kansas City!

Unpopular opinion:

“Lattes and cappuccinos are the same thing… let’s fight about it.”

Let’s work together.