Why holiday posts on social media are a big waste

Why holiday posts on social media are a big waste

Alright, gather ’round, because it’s time to address the elephant in the digital room – holiday posts. Yes, those ubiquitous, glittery, and often cringeworthy posts that flood your feed every festive season. But here’s the thing, @ Companies: it’s high time we had a little chat about why this entire charade is nothing but a colossal waste of time, effort, and precious bandwidth.


Let’s get one thing straight: your customers aren’t waiting with bated breath to make sure your company celebrates Valentine’s Day like the rest of us. No, they could be too busy trying to navigate through their own holiday chaos – shopping for gifts, planning family events, and dodging awkward questions from distant relatives or better yet, running their own businesses.


So why, oh why, do companies insist on bombarding us with an endless stream of holiday-themed content? Is it because they genuinely believe it fosters brand loyalty and engagement? Spoiler alert: It may do just the opposite.


Let’s break it down:

Lack of originality

Every holiday season, like clockwork, we’re subjected to the same tired tropes, cringe-worthy puns and the shameless attempts at capitalizing on holiday cheer to push sales. Newsflash: consumers are savvy enough to see through this thinly veiled marketing ploy.

Over saturation

During the holiday seasons, social media becomes a battlefield of competing brands vying for attention. Your carefully curated post is just a drop in the ocean of festive content, drowning in a sea of clichés and consumer fatigue. In a desperate bid to stand out, companies resort to increasingly desperate measures – tacky cookie cutter graphics, over-the-top animations, and enough hashtags to make even the most seasoned influencer cringe.

Disregard of target audience

But perhaps the most offensive of all is the complete disregard for authenticity and the lack of focus on your actual ideal prospects. In the quest for likes, shares, and retweets, companies sacrifice their credibility at the altar of holiday-themed content. Suddenly, the same brand that claims to champion diversity and inclusivity is peddling a whitewashed version of the holidays.


Let’s wrap this up:

So, instead of wasting time and resources on holiday posts that so many do, why not focus on what truly matters – delivering value to your customers or providing a solution to a pain point for your prospects. Imagine a world where companies use their platform to educate and inspire, rather than inundating us with the occasional seasonal posts! Now that’s a holiday miracle worth celebrating.

In conclusion, dear companies, let’s put an end to the holiday social media fiasco once and for all. Let’s use this precious time and bandwidth to create content that resonates and helps your audience. Who knows, maybe then we’ll finally find some holiday cheer worth sharing. But until then, good riddance to those holiday posts cluttering up our feeds.

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