CITY Laundering Co.

The heart of our brand is the work we do for our parent company, CITY Laundering Co. A 116-year-old commercial laundry based out of Oelwein, Iowa, CITY has a long record of responsive, transparent service for a variety of industries. From food processing to manufacturing, CITY is proud to serve its customers.

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CITY Clean And Simple
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Logo system

CITY Clean And Simple Colored Logos
CITY Clean And Simple White Logo on Black background and white logo on black background

Brand fonts

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Brand color pallete

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History of the brand

As a company with a rich legacy, CITY has gone through many rebranding efforts as the services, customers, and the world evolved. When it came to a rebranding effort in 2013, it was important that CITY stayed true to its roots, with a logo that evokes the blue sky, green grass, and yellow sun. There was also a desire to echo the tagline “Clean and Simple” in the brand aesthetics, represented by the sans serif font and design that is unencumbered by unnecessary elements. CITY’s rebranding was inspired by clean lines and minimalism.

CITY Laundering Co. Historic Photo

Brand application

Collage of social media graphics created for CITY Laundering Co.

Rich past, bright future

Originally, CITY served consumers directly, offering laundry, dry cleaning, and storage for items like wedding dresses and military uniforms. Throughout this era, the marketing focused largely on signage and calendars which were delivered to people’s homes along with their freshly laundered textiles. The various phases of the brand’s design reflected the aesthetics of the time, from art deco imagery in the 1920s and 1930s to geometric layouts in the 1950s.

Today, CITY’s marketing continues to evolve. Instead of calendars, the focus lies in graphic design, videography, and social media. Through storytelling from the perspective of the people of CITY, design defines and elevates the brand.

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iPhone overlayed onto Videographer image with CITY Sticker examples below

CITY Story | Episode 3

CITY Photography Workers

Meet the family

In an effort to diversify, CITY offers other foundational brands under its umbrella.
From first aid to healthcare, each division has a shared design element. The color palette and adjacent sans serif font make each logo instantly identifiable as part of the same family.

It is the subtle details that make a family strong.


Clean & Simple Marketing, Safe & Simple and City Healthcare logos
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